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Study guides to help our students understand some of our favorite movies

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We love movies, whether we are watching them in a theater or in our home.

The buttons above link you to plot summaries, vocabulary, discussion questions and more, to help you enjoy these great films.


In March 2006 we took a group of students and friends to see Narnia at a Kunming Theater (in English with Chinese subtitles)

Some of the films we have materials for:

Paulie: family comedy/drama that shows various aspects of US life; 91 minutes

Family Man: drama that shows American life, and the need to make wise choices; 2 hours

Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo: cartoon, family comedy, adventure; 100 minutes

Finding Forrester: drama with educational themes; under 2.5 hours

Patch Adams: comedy, drama, US history; dare to be different!; under 2 hours

Snoopy's Christmas (actual title: A Charlie Brown Christmas): cartoon comedy & holiday classic; under 30 minutes

Last Holiday: comedy, drama--are you living out your "possibilities"?; under 2 hours

House MD: Pilot/Maternity/Christmas; episodes in a US TV series about medical diagnosticians; under 40 minutes

Return of the King (Lord of the Rings III); 11 Oscars! Drama, adventure, romance; 3:15 hr

Finding Neverland: friendship, drama and a bit of history; 100 min

Rudy: drama, sports; helping others succeed is a worthy goal; 2 hrs

Ben-Hur: 11 Oscars! Romance, action, drama, history; 3.5 hours

Ever After: romance, humor, and a bit of history; 2 hrs

Narnia 1: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; fantasy/adventure; 2 hrs

Narnia 2: Prince Caspian; fantasy/adventure

Lost Worlds, Life in the Balance: documentary about biological diversity & the environment; 40 min

Titanic: (there are several films on this subject) romance, drama, history; varying lengths

Second Hand Lions: comedy, drama; how do you know who/what to believe?; 2 hrs

Cool Runnings: the Olympics/sports, history, comedy; 2 hrs

Chariots of Fire: the Olympics/sports, history, values; 2 hours

Disney's Jungle Book: cartoon, comedy, musical, adventure; 78 min

Air Bud (3)--World Pup: family comedy, sports, teen romance; 83 min

An American Tail: cartoon about immigration to the US in the 1800s; 80 min

Baby's Day Out: comedy (without a lot of words!); 100 minutes

The Russians are Coming:  comedy/drama that makes you laugh AND think!; 2:05 hours

Unstoppable: action, thriller (starring a train!) 98 min


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If the Study Guide you want doesn't have much dialog from the movie, try


(Right, and below) Vivian and I had a wonderful time with this group of students at the musical Les Miserables in Xiamen, 2013.

We love discussing movies with our students and friends. Here Vivian answers questions in our living room in Xi'an.

After seeing Narnia (at a theater in Kunming), two groups walked to Dona Doughnuts and discussed the movie, using the Study Guide available on this website.

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Place to download pdf study guides from a website that says it is a "link between education and the UK film industry"

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