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EFL Movie Study Guide for: Narnia: Prince Caspian

Full title: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian


Story: In “Narnia 1,” four British children became kings and queens in a land reached by magic and by the will of its lion ruler: Aslan. In this sequel, the children return generations later to help the rightful king (young Caspian) regain the throne stolen by his uncle Miraz. Once again, they are helped by Narnia’s loyal dwarves and talking beasts, including the brave mouse Reepicheep. Aslan also promised to help, but do they have the patience and trust needed to wait for him? There are lots of great lessons on the way to another epic battle in this action-filled fantasy, based on a world-wide best-selling book series. (2008; Disney; fantasy; PG) Online summary:

Setting: Narnia (and England)

Note 1: For the children, only a year or two has passed since their first adventure in Narnia, but 13 centuries have passed in Narnia. In fact, it has been so long, that most people no longer believe the “stories” about these ancient kings and queens, and the normally-invisible ruler Aslan.

Note 2: As shown at the end of Narnia 1, the “children” actually grew up in Narnia and became adults, but then when Aslan sent them back to England they were children again. There are several jokes about this unusual reality.

Note 3: After “Narnia 1,” Narnians lived in peace for many generations, but then the Telmarines attacked and conquered the land. Some of the kings were good, some bad, and the current king (Miraz--one of the worst) stole the throne by killing his brother (Prince Caspian’s father). When King Miras finally has a son of his own, Caspian’s tutor helps the prince escape, and to meet the dwarves and talking animals that most Telmarines think are merely legends. Seeing his need for “supernatural help,” Caspian blows Susan’s magic horn, which calls the ancient kings and queens back to Narnia. Of course, Aslan has had this in mind all along, but that is another story!


People and proper nouns:

Aslan: a lion; son of the Great Emperor across the Sea. In Narnia 1, he sacrificed his life to “pay” for Edmund’s treason, but because Aslan was innocent he came back to life, according to the Emperor’s “Deep Magic”

Peter Pevensie: First “High King” of Narnia, by the will of Aslan (that is the story of Narnia 1)

Susan Pevensie: Peter’s sister, who became a queen in Narnia 1

Edmund Pevensie: Peter’s younger brother, also a king of Narnia (see Aslan)

Lucy Pevensie: Peter’s young sister, a queen of Narnia (and the one with the closest relationship with Aslan)

Telmarines: descendents of humans who entered the Narnia “world” long ago, and (about ten generations ago) took over Narnia by force

Prince Caspian: a Telmarine, and the rightful king of Narnia (see “King Miras”)

King Miraz: Caspian’s uncle. He secretly killed Caspian’s father in order to become king.

Doctor Cornelius: Caspian’s tutor (part dwarf, he told Caspian about the ancient times in Narnia)

Reepicheep: a very brave mouse (mice were rewarded with speech after they freed Aslan’s body on the Stone Table in Narnia 1)

Trumpkin: a dwarf, who is loyal to Caspian but does not believe the stories about King Peter

Nikabrik: a dwarf, who would rather trust in himself than in ancient kings and queens

Trufflehunter: a talking badger (digging animal with black and white fur), loyal to Caspian


Nouns/verbs (vocabulary):

dwarf: a person (in legends and fairy tales) who looks like a small man (in many stories, these people work underground, as miners)

extinct: a plant or animal (like dinosaurs) that no longer exists

huge: extremely large

irony: the use of an opposite word or expression to get a desired effect (usually soft laughter or a smile)

liege: one’s lord or ruler (esp in the Middle Ages; this term isn’t used any more) “We’ve anxiously awaited your return, my liege.”

minotaur: an animal (in legends and fairy tales) that is half bull and half man, and that eats people

to patronize: to talk to sb as if they are stupid when they are not (the dwarf said sarcastically: “Did you call me a DLF--Dear Little Friend? Oh... that's not at all patronizing, is it?”)

torch: (BrE) a hand-held light that runs on batteries (AmE: flashlight)


Phrases or idioms:

“You’re one to talk.”--the bad thing you just said about someone else also applies to you

“I had it sorted.”--That was arranged or planned, and thus under my control

“You've got to be kidding me.”--You must be joking; I don’t believe this (is the answer or the truth)



1. Look at sentence 2 (below). Tell your partner about a key moment or time in your life, when “everything changed.”

2. Look at sentence 9. Lucy knew what she saw, but no one else believed her. Tell your partner about a time when your friends or relatives told you about something you had a hard time believing, but later found out it was true.

3. Put yourself in Lucy’s shoes. Would you go on without the others, or do something to convince them that you knew the right way? What would you do?

4. What does this story say about the role of celebration in our lives?


Sentences/dialogs from the movie: (from

1.   Edmund [after helping Peter out of a fight with couple of boys from school]: You're welcome.

      Peter [as he stands up]: I had it sorted.

      Susan: What was it this time?

      Peter: He bumped me.

      Lucy: So you hit him?

      Peter: No, after he bumped me they tried to make me apologize. That's when I hit him.

      Susan: Really, is it that hard to just walk away?

      Peter: I shouldn't have to! I mean, don't you ever get tired of being treated like a kid?

      Edmund: We are kids!

      Peter: Well, I wasn't always. (that is, I had become an adult when we lived in Narnia)

2.   Doctor Cornelius [to Prince Caspian]: Everything you know is about to change.

3.   Trufflehunter [after a fight in her house knocked over some soup]: Look what you made me do! I spent half the morning on that soup...

      Caspian: What are you?

     Trufflehunter: You know, it's funny that you should ask that. You'd think more people would know a badger when they see one.

      Caspian: No, I mean you're Narnians. You're supposed to be extinct.

      Nikabrik: Sorry to disappoint you.

4.   Caspian: Minotaurs? They're real?

      Trufflehunter: And very bad-tempered.

      Nikabrik: Not to mention big.

      Trufflehunter: Huge.

5.   Caspian: Two days ago, I didn't believe in the existence of talking animals... of dwarves or... or centaurs. Yet here you are, in strengths and numbers that we Telmarines could never have imagined. Whether this horn [he raises Susan’s horn] is magic or not, it brought us together... and together, we have a chance to take back what is ours!

6.   Lucy: I wonder who lived here.

      Susan [picks up a small gold statue]: I think we did.

      Edmund: Hey, that's mine! From my chess set!

      Peter: Which chess set?

      Edmund: I didn't have a solid gold chess set in Finchley (England), did I?

7.   Lucy [holding up one of her old dresses]: I was so tall.

      Susan: Well, you were older then.

      Edmund: As opposed to hundreds of years later, when you're younger.

8.   Susan [aiming her bow and arrow at the Telmarines]: Drop him!

      [they toss Trumpkin in the water and run away]

      Trumpkin: Drop him? Was that the best you could think of?

      Lucy: Why were they trying to kill you, anyway?

      Trumpkin: The Telmarines? It's what they do.

      Edmund: Telmarines? In Narnia?

      Trumpkin: Where have you been for the last few hundred years?

      Lucy: It's a bit of a long story.

      Trumpkin: Oh, you've got to be kidding me. You're it? You're the kings and queens of old?

9.   Lucy: I wish you would all stop trying to sound like grown-ups! I didn't think I saw him, I did see him. (that is, I did see Aslan, even though no one else saw him)

      Trumpkin: I am a grown-up.

10.  Edmund [after no one believes that Lucy had really seen Aslan]: The last time I didn't believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid.

11.  Lucy: They're so still.

      Trumpkin: The trees? What did you expect?

      Lucy: They used to dance.

12.  [Prince Caspian is in a swordfight with Peter before they know who each other is]

      Lucy: No! Stop!

      Peter [after seeing the Narnians gathering around]: Prince Caspian?

      Caspian: And who are you?

      Susan [running over with Edmund]: Peter!

      Caspian: High King Peter?

      Peter: I believe you called.

      Caspian: I thought you'd be... older.

      Peter: Well if you'd like, we can leave and come back in a few years.

      Caspian: No! No, it's alright! You're not exactly what I expected.

      Edmund: Neither are you.

13.  King Miraz: Tell me, Prince Edmund...

      Edmund: King.

      King Miraz: I beg your Pardon?

      Edmund: It's King Edmund, actually. Just King though. Peter's the High King. I know, it's confusing.

14.  Caspian: Me? You could have called it off, there was still time.

      Peter: No there wasn't thanks to you. If you had kept to the plan those soldiers might be alive right now.

      Caspian: And if you just had stayed here as I suggested they definitely would be!

      Peter: You called us, remember?

      Caspian: My first mistake.

      Peter: No. Your first mistake was thinking you could lead these people

      Caspian: Hey! I am not the one who abandoned Narnia.

      Peter: No, you invaded Narnia. You have no more right leading than Miraz does. You, him, your father! Narnia's better off without the lot of you!

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