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Pages related to my textbook: Successful Writing for the Real World

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Successful Writing for the Real World

is an advanced English writing textbook and self-study guide

Written in English, by native speakers, for advanced English-learners

Published by 外语教学与研究出版社

ISBN: 978-7-5600-7264-7; Chinese title: 高级实用英语写作; List price: 43.90 RMB; 490 pages (including appendices and introductory material)


You can start in the gray box above for resources related to the book, especially a look at the table of contents, a lesson-by-lesson vocabulary list, a detailed index of key concepts, and a post-print corrections page. The book was published in Beijing, March 2008. The book's cover is shown below. Click above to see the Foreword (in English), a press release and photos from the "New Book Party," and more.


NEWS (Nov 2013): My book has recently been reprinted, and you can now look at and buy a copy at the Xiamen University Press bookstore on the XMU main campus (near the Nan-pu-tuo Gate)! Check it out!

FREE resources regarding English writing/learning

My "Resources" page will take you to other resources; many are on this website, including material you'll find developed more fully in my book. Here are a few:


My "Better Writing Study Guide" to overcoming common English-learner problems


Grammar help in choosing which vs that, how to use much, and how to use articles


Types of Writing: an introduction to different types of writing, with links to pages with examples and to further information such as how to write Research Papers, Notes and Essays


Writing Essays for the TEM-4 Exam


Materials that teach students how to become better learners


How to Improve Your English


How to Improve Your Study Methods

My "Learner Links" page will take you to other resources too, mostly on other websites, including:


The Elements of Style (link to William Strunk, Jr.'s The Elements of Style--one of the best writing manuals for anyone who writes in English)


[broken link?] The Chinese Online Writing Lab (OWL). This looks like a great website for Chinese English-learners. You can get free help for your English writing, attend on-line seminars, learn about technical and professional writing, and more. Unfortunately, I sometimes can't connect to this from inside China.


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Click here to visit the English home page for my publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Press (外语教学与研究出版社)


Buy it here: (just type "Krigline" in the search box!)

or try

TuShuCheng (but it was "sold out" last time I looked)



(This introduction is on the book's back cover.)

Here is the book's cover, so you will know what to look for in a bookstore.

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