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Our menu of resources for teachers and students (mostly at

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Teachers! You may find these helpful:

EFL Movie Study Guides     Guides to some great films, including a plot summary, definitions for vocabulary and discussion questions (note: some of these guides are more complete than others)


Christmas films, sports movies, historical stories, fantasies; Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Secondhand Lions, Unstoppable, Family Man, Far and Away, and many more 

English Writing

Information and handouts of various types of English writing, including advice on writing essays for standardized tests (e.g., TEM-4 and CET-6).


Types of Writing, Advice for writing teachers, TEM-4 essays, Topic Sentence-Conclusion exercise, things related to my textbook Successful Writing, and more 

Holiday Handouts

Several of these were prepared by Dr. Harvey Taylor to help English teachers in China understand western holidays


Easter, April Fools' Day, Thanksgiving and more 

"How to" Handouts

Materials that teach students how to become better learners


How to Improve Your English


How to Improve Your Study Methods (This is also available as an information gap exercise; see student-sheet A and student-sheet B)

TEFL Discussion Index

Guides you can use for English Corner or other times for group conversation


Mother's Day Discussion Guide


Motivation Discussion Guide (look for more to come)

Previous Handouts/Vocabulary

This page is linked to previous resources that might be of use to other teachers/students:


Great Ideas vocabulary: a very useful book by Leo Jones and Victoria Kimbrough, Cambridge University Press & Peking University Press


Vocabulary Basics vocabulary: for my 2010 class at the University of Akron, book by Judith Nadell, Beth Johnson, and Paul Langan, Townsend Press


Vocabulary for grad students at Kunming Medical College


Vocabulary for sophomores at Kunming Medical College


Syllabus--fall 2009 grad students, Kunming Medical College


Group Presentation--fall 2009 grad students, Kunming Medical College


Group Project Details--fall 2009 grad students, Kunming Medical College

You will find more help on our external link page ("Learner Links")


A Few Links regarding contracts and SAFEA

SAFEA is the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs. They are the Chinese agency which oversees the work of expatriates in China.


Their official website:, or in English


SAFEA's website includes a link to


Click here for a website with information about contracts (I don't really know who runs this site, nor how accurate the info is).


You might find helpful information at the website document download/purchase page (Again, although it says "Official Website" at the top, it also sells weight-loss drugs! Therefore, I don't know how official or accurate this site is.)



Students (Chinese-Learners)


To promote Chinese language and culture, the Chinese government has created the Confucius Institute, which has many Centers worldwide (including the University of Akron), as well as an extensive website: with lessons, videos and lots of resources.


Here is an on-line Chinese-English English-Chinese dictionary.


A friend has created flashcards for Chinese Made Easier  [broken link?]


The University of Akron (Ohio) has a great links/resources page for those interested in China and the Chinese language. It includes an insightful speech about China (2009 video) by Dr. Shirk, University of California.


Tell me about your favorite websites for learning Mandarin! Our email address is shown below.


Are the resources at free?  

     Yes, but...  (see our "use" policy)

Students! (English learners)

Student Connection is the place to begin for English learners (and teachers), which includes:


Learner Links (for English learners & teachers): your link to lots of places on line to improve your English


My article, "How to Improve," gives many practical tips in answer to the most common question I hear: "How do I improve my English?"


My "Better Writing Study Guide" to overcoming common English-learner problems, plus pages about choosing which vs that, how to use much, and how to use articles


Types of Writing: an introduction to different types of writing, with links to pages with examples and to further information such as how to write Research PapersNotes and Essays


Handouts for my current students, including Welcome (expectations), class vocabulary, and my Correction Key (marking abbreviations)


Quote of the week (in the middle of the "Student Connection" page)


English Corner (tip of the month) (at the bottom of this--"Resources"--page)


More Resources (for English-learners)

This website also includes a page of external Learner Links (for English learners & teachers); many have even been described by former students. You can also find a number of articles, stories and poems written by the Kriglines; topics range from choosing an English name to how to handle life when "bad things" happen. Additional articles (about learning and using English) are linked to the Student Connection page.


"Real World" Writing

Find materials related to my textbook:

Successful Writing for the Real World (including a link to in China, where I buy them on line)


Foreword (in English) 


Vocabulary & Definitions (lesson by lesson)


Index to Key Concepts


Post-print corrections



Work Abroad (e.g., Chinese people working in America)


A growing number of American schools (kindergarten to college) want Mandarin Teachers from China. One of my former colleagues really enjoyed teaching Chinese in an American elementary school for a year (2009). She told me: This program is supported by Hanban (a branch of the Chinese government) and the American College Board. There are 96 Chinese teachers teaching Chinese in 2009. Most positions are for teaching children, but a some are in colleges, supported by the Chinese Confucius Institute. [If you want to contact this teacher, write to me and ask for Vanessa's email!]


There are also summer or one-year jobs for "internationals" at amusement parks like Cedar Point (I worked there for two summers while I was in college, and our son worked there in 2012) and Disneyland (my daughter worked there while she was in college). The following are special pages for non-Americans who want to work for Disney:




China: /gate_china.html


Some cruise lines also hire "internationals"; here are some links.

bullet (this may require a fee)


Disney cruise line jobs:


This seems to be a site about how to get a work visa in the US:  [broken link?] (an even better place to start might be the website for your nearest US Embassy or Consulate)

English Corner: Tip of the Month



Mark Peter, M.A. Used with permission.

Mr. Peter was my colleague at the Agape English Language Institute of Limestone College (Columbia, SC). After teaching ESL to recent immigrants and long-term visitors in the SC Public School System for several years, he returned to China (teaching English in Ningxia). Mark is currently teaching back in the US.


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