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I've stopped updating this website, though it's pages will remain for a while. See "current update" for details.

Visit instead: and

Resources for my previous classes (still here for other teachers/students!)

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This page is linked to previous resources that might be of use to other teachers/students


Great Ideas vocabulary: a very useful book by Leo Jones and Victoria Kimbrough, Cambridge University Press & Peking University Press (My XMU freshmen use Great Ideas and my own materials.)


Vocabulary Basics vocabulary: for my 2010 class at the University of Akron, book by Judith Nadell, Beth Johnson, and Paul Langan, Townsend Press


Vocabulary for grad students at Kunming Medical College


Vocabulary for sophomores at Kunming Medical College


Group Presentation--fall 2009 grad students, Kunming Medical College


Group Project Details--fall 2009 grad students, Kunming Medical College


NOTE: I'm slowly moving my EFL resources to (starting with the movie study guides), so if you depend on any materials at, I suggest that you copy them onto your computer--just in case they suddenly disappear and you can't find them!

This resource was created for our students under my understanding of "fair use" for educational resources.  

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