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Links to free music to download, our archive, info about China, and other special features

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Special Features:


Introduction to China (for our non-Chinese friends). There are also several pages "under" the introduction page:


 Introduction translated into Chinese 介绍中国


A map of China, with links to our photo pages


Photos of "Life in China" for expatriate workers (page one and two)


Student-written: The history and practice of medicine in China (page one and two)


Student-written: essays on health-related challenges that face China


photos of Michael getting the 2008 Yunnan Friendship Award (彩云奖)


Archive of Updates: read our monthly "current updates" since we moved to China in 2000


Alumni Feature: A 2010 article that appeared in the newspaper for Michael's undergraduate college


I'll Sing CD  ♫  : about the CD Michael & Friends recorded, with a few songs you can download


Wallpaper: Free wallpaper for your computer desktop, featuring scenes from China and the US (among other things)


Site Map: A one-page list of all (or almost all!) of the pages on this website.

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