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I've stopped updating this website, though it's pages will remain for a while. See "current update" for details.

Visit instead: and

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Website Standards and Explanations (and credit to some helpful resources)

Technical problems and general matters


       NOTE: my technical difficulties are primarily due to two big problems: I manage with Microsoft FrontPage software, and I live in China. But in general (for technical reasons!), is usually more up to date than, unless the former has been blocked completely!

       The site was created with and still uses FrontPage (not supported since 2003 & won't work on Windows 7). For a decade, I just "pushed a button" and all updates automatically moved from my computer to the Web--it was wonderful! But that stopped working in 2011. Now, Filezilla* helps me update, but there's a lot of manual effort involved, which means "operator mistakes" by a workaholic English teacher who also likes to provide students and teachers with free* resources. Someday I'd like to re-create the site using more modern software, but I simply don't have time for that right now. "Capital letter fix": One oddity is that (around 2010) file names that included capital letters stopped working if the visitor typed a lower-case letter. Thus, I changed all "page names" to lower-case letters, but I keep finding internal links that still (wrongly) use capital letters. Therefore, if an internal link doesn't work, be sure all the letters are lower case--this often solves the problem. If menu buttons don't appear at the top of a page, put your mouse over the missing button and look at the bottom of your browser to see where it will take you.

       Regarding "living in China", I registered a sister website ( with Chinese authorities in 2005, and bought space on a Chinese server. This helped students/friends in China to reach/load content much quicker, until late 2012 when my registration was canceled (I was told it was simply because I was a foreigner). Students and friends worked hard--spending extra time and money--to get me back on line, but the upload connection isn't as reliable as it used to be, and I think there are more firewalls between my Chinese viewers and the content. And sometimes, I still can't reach at all. Of course, there's nothing I can do about this!

       I'm a low-income teacher in a developing country, not a web master! It is getting harder and harder to keep this website up, but I think there are many valuable things here for those who can reach them. So, please be patient with my website's problems, feel free to write to me about any you find (see below for my address), AND sorry for the inconvenience!

Links, materials, articles, etc., provided by this website are presented here without warranty of any kind. We don't know of anything harmful, but (as with everything on the Internet) click, read, visit or download at your own risk. I do not intentionally give visitors "cookies" but I have no idea about what FrontPage, Filezilla, GoogleAds or others do--again, you visit at your own risk, and by visiting you choose to allow those things.

The educational resources on this website have been created for our students under our understanding of "fair use" for educational resources. If we have inadvertently used copyright materials on this web site (that is, anything owned by someone else), such materials were probably obtained in an area of the public domain (or in our own files), and have been used here for informative and educational purposes only. We respect the intellectual property rights of others; in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we will respond as quickly as possible to notices of alleged infringement that are reported to us (see addresses below; and be as specific as possible about where the copyright image is located on this site--thanks!). Any authenticated request from the copyright owner to remove this material or to add source information will be honored immediately. The copyright remains that of the owner except where stated otherwise. The use or citation of materials on this personal website does not constitute an endorsement by the original author or publisher.

Differences between .com and (and how to check for more-current pages)

China has stricter laws regarding Internet content than the US, and we do our best to comply with those laws. For example, it is never our intention to "make China look bad" (which is illegal in China)--we love living and working here! Examples and photos from China are here to help those in other countries understand this country better. If any Chinese person sees something on that should not be published in China, please notify us (in English) and we will look into it as soon as possible.

To comply with these stricter standards, some content on is not on In most cases, I've added "-E" to those page names, such as "", while the complete page's name would be "". But for various reasons, I plan to have fewer and fewer of these "-E" pages.

Since can be uploaded from our home in China using FrontPage, you can often find more-current pages at To check (from, normally you simply need to add ".cn" to the page name (e.g., becomes If this doesn't work, look at the site map (

If the page you want has capital letters, please change them to lower case! (See the yellow box at the top of this page for explanation.) Because of a technical (MS Frontpage/upload) problem, I've also created a duplicate set of main links on the top of major pages.

Credit to some helpful resources

I have created the definitions used on this website, but often after consulting one or more dictionaries. I highly recommend the following reference materials (which I often use) to anyone trying to learn English:

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 3rd ed. Essex: Longman Group, Ltd. (Pearson Education), 1995 [Summers, Della, Director]. (Great dictionary for non-native speakers; itís no coincidence that my definitions often sound a lot like the ones in this reference resource! Longman Dictionary is also available as software, and it is available in China. I highly recommend this helpful tool. You can also use this dictionary for free* on line; it is linked to my Links page.)


The Free Dictionary by Farlex ( You can read about it on their page, but trust me--it's a great tool! This is also linked to my Links page.


Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2004. (Software) USA: Microsoft Corporation, ©1993-2003. (Back when this software worked--before Windows 7--it was nice to have a good dictionary/thesaurus inside my computer when writing. I often consulted this software when composing definitions.)

Our policy for the use of materials & photos available at

To whatever extent we hold the copyrights to materials posted at or, site visitors are free to use (including printing or downloading) those materials for personal use without charge/royalties, but please include the source on any printouts/copies (e.g., "from"). Citing sources that we cite is particularly important! If you write to me, I may be able to send you a larger copy of the photos, too (these are "shrunk" to 72 dpi).

Without obtaining additional permission, non-profit organizations, churches, schools and educators are welcome to use "" materials/songs for their own use, including recording and distributing materials locally or making copies for class use. Before distributing our materials beyond a local church or classroom, please write to us for permission. (We would also appreciate hearing when our materials are helpful, especially if they are recorded or copied.)

To print our original material (e.g., a photo or article from in book form or to post it on a different website, written permission is required from Michael Krigline (see below). Additional addresses are available via our "links" page. We do not and cannot give others permission to use anything created by (and copyright of) someone else. Other webmasters are welcome to create links to the content of (we would like to know about this, but it is not mandatory).

All materials are ©2013 Michael Krigline, unless otherwise noted.


Privacy policy


I don't do anything to record addresses or information about my visitors (I don't even know how). But the web-hosting services may collect this information, and Google AdSense ads could be posted by third parties who may be placing and reading cookies on my visitors' browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ads at


*Is everything free at


I'm very grateful to the many Netizens who keep my costs low by offering free software like Filezilla, posting news and definitions for free (see above) and what not, so I also choose not to charge for anything posted at But the button below will allow you to make a donation to "Krigline Enterprises" via Paypal...

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