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I've stopped updating this website, though it's pages will remain for a while. See "current update" for details.

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January 2007

"Spring City" (Kunming) welcomed the new year with especially cold weather. We are wearing heavy coats, power is being cut throughout the city to deal with shortages, and we've heard that puppies are freezing to death in the dog markets. It isn't a pretty picture.

In contrast, Gimli (our new puppy) was snatched from an uncertain fate to become a beloved (and already spoiled) part of our family. She doesn't realize it, but she was fortunate to be "chosen."

So are we all. Those of us who can read, and who have access to the Internet, are among the world's "chosen few." We can study the past to see what has worked and what has not, contemplate the mysteries of life and faith, and follow the truth as it is revealed to us. We do not have to be stuck (like Gimli's brothers and sisters) in a freezing cage with those born around us, because someone has chosen us and blessed us with comfort and opportunities that we are often as blind to as Gimli is!

Perhaps a worthy "New Year's Resolution" would be to make greater use of the blessings around us, and also to be more thankful for them.

Today I did the former by registering for a private tutor this coming semester at a different school (less expensive than the Normal University I've been studying in). Even in a small class, I tend to sit quietly, letting outgoing students do the talking and reading in class. But with a tutor I won't be able to hide; I will need to be more active, and that is very important to language acquisition. This may be the last chance I get to study Chinese formally, so I want to make the most of it.

May you, too, find the courage to make needed changes and face helpful challenges in the months ahead.

As I said last month, Vivian and Andrew are as busy as ever. Andrew's Christmas presentation went great and we enjoyed sharing the holiday with friends (see Christmas photos by clicking here). We are also looking forward to seeing my parents, who arrive in February to join us on our first visit to Thailand. I'll be leading at least two seminars during the conference, as well as catching up with colleagues and friends from around China.

Wishing you a "Happy New Year,"

Michael for the family
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February 2007

We couldn't believe our eyes. Snow! Here in "Spring City" (Kunming)! We didn't think it ever snowed here. What a surprising way to start February! We have several heaters running in the apartment bedrooms around the clock, and we put a curtain between the bedrooms and the living/dining/kitchen area (which we just leave to freeze). It's so cold in the other part of the house that we have been eating our meals in Andrew's room (it's the only bedroom with floor space). Of course we bundle up to go outside, and even put a jacket on Gimli for her daily venture into the cold, but mostly we just stay by a heater.

Our hearts go out to the multitudes in this city who have no heat, or who experience electricity cuts (because so many are running heaters). We also feel sorry for all the shop workers; businesses always open their front door during operating hours, so it's just as cold inside as it is outside. It's a common sight these days to see several sales clerks huddled around a heater (not far from the open door) or passing around a hot water bottle.

In a few days, Michael's mom and dad will arrive from the US. After spending a few days here, we all head to Thailand for a conference. It will be our first visit to that country, and it is supposed to be warm there, so we are really looking forward to it! Some of Michael's former students will house-sit to take care of Gimli while we are gone.

Well, there is a lot to do before we leave, so we'll close here. Michael hasn't had time to change much on the website, but there are few things listed below.

Waiting for spring,

Michael, Vivian and Andrew   
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March 22, 2007


Sorry that I haven't had the time to update this page. If you will look at the "new" stuff below, you should understand why! Our time with mom and dad (both here and traveling last month) was great, and we generally enjoyed our time in Thailand (see that page for details). The cold weather disappeared while we were abroad, so it really feels like Spring City now--and will probably feel that way until the rains come in a few months. If you live in Kunming, I'll be leading a few English Corner meetings and showing a few movies in my home over the next few weeks--send me email and I'll give you details. I'll also try to post a new update in April. Thanks for the patience!    


What is new? I update our dog pages regularly, and recently added a third page (dog page 1, page 2, page 3). In late March I also added photos from our trips to Thailand, Dali & Li Jiang, and added some new snapshots from around Kunming (page 3, but you can also see pages one and two). I finally updated the text on the "Student Connection" page (but the links need work). You'll find new links on our links page (including some to websites that can help you choose a camera). There's also a new page featuring my new school (Kun Shi Zhuan).

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April 2007


A common English idiom says: "time flies when you are having fun." I find that time flies whether I'm having fun or not! But being busy is a lot better than being bored.


Monday to Friday I am busy studying Chinese at Kun Shi Zhuan, or reviewing characters outside of class. I'm trying to learn at least 10 new words per day--and if that doesn't sound like much then you are either younger than I am, or you have never tried to learn Chinese characters! I'm doing well, but I could use a few friends who would make me speak Chinese with them (almost everyone I know has English that is better than my Chinese). In my spare time I have been working on this website, corresponding to my publisher about my new writing textbook (I hope to have a contract soon), leading English corners or showing English movies to friends, helping other English teachers (and occasionally former students), looking for a job for next year, trying to untangle the mess my computer filing system is in, taking care of Gimli (our puppy), eating with friends, or doing things with my family. Vivian helps with most of the things on that list, and has also been working diligently to figure out our financial situation and file our US tax return (Americans must file a tax return every year before April 15). Andrew is busy at school (I went there on Thursday to see his entry in the annual Social Science fair), and he has just celebrated his 14th birthday. Friday was a holiday for his class, so the guys came here on Thursday and stayed overnight, watching Lord of the Rings films and playing several games (including a humorous board game called "FarseWars" that Andrew and I created for the occasion).


We are also getting ready for Easter, which is Sunday, April 8, this year. I led an English Corner on the subject last week, and will do something similar this week elsewhere. Several former students and new friends came over to watch The Robe with us a few days ago--you can see the Movie Study Guide I created for them by clicking here. A friend has posted a translation of my Easter for Kids story on his website--check it out! I'm also scheduled to be in a choir next Sunday. During the week, my family hopes to watch a few classic Easter films, if we can find the time!


I find studying Chinese to be difficult, though I generally enjoy my classes. I have fun doing all the other stuff listed above, but all this activity sure makes time fly, and sometimes I just feel worn out from all the fun! There is also a long list of things I want to do someday--books to read, articles and songs to write, people to spend time with, web pages to add or edit, things to create, and so forth. With all this fun going on, I wonder if I'll ever find the time for all those things!


Another American saying comes to mind: "The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time." In other words, when you face a huge task, don't think about how big it is; just work on one manageable piece at a time and eventually you will accomplish the task. I guess I had better close now so I can "take another bite."


Michael for the family      (back to top) 



May-June Update
ay 8, 2007


The passing of Easter tells us that spring is starting to give way to summer. All of the activities we were involved with during April and Easter went well (click here to visit the archives if you missed last month's update). It is always fun sharing special holidays and events with our friends here.


Since our last update, we also had a chance to have Michael’s teachers over to watch a Chinese movie, and we enjoyed several plays at Andrew's school. Otherwise, we are still busy with all the things listed last month!


We are combining our May update with June because June looks like it will be particularly full. While we are expecting a quiet summer in Kunming, we have to get through May and June first, and they are starting to run together as one. As you may know, we are associates of the Jian Hua Foundation (Hong Kong), which helps professionals like us to live and work in China. They also do a lot to meet needs around the country. Our JHF CEO and the Chairman of the International Board will be visiting Kunming this week. Michael and Vivian will be accompanying them on their visits to our JHF orphan projects in Lijiang and Ninglan. When we return, there will be two weeks to get things in order before Vivian and Michael travel to Bangkok for about three weeks. Vivian has finally scheduled a little time to have some needed surgery. Travel to Thailand is easier and less expensive than traveling to the US for this procedure. Andrew will be staying home (with friends) since he will still have two more weeks of school to finish and we don’t want to leave Gimli alone for too long.


Michael is trying to get some studying in, even as he is preparing to spend time helping to take care of Vivian for the few weeks she will be off her feet. He is also waiting (1) to hear back from a university about a teaching contract for the coming fall school term, and (2) to receive the final contract and copy-to-proofread of his textbook.


Thanks for stopping by. We'll probably add photos later in the month of Gimli and some of our other activities. If you live in Kunming, be sure to write and ask about our next English Corner and movie!


Michael, Vivian and Andrew


PS): May 25 was a great day. First, I signed a contract to teach English next year at the Kunming Medical College, and then I received (by mail) and signed a contract to have my textbook published by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. Both of these contracts had been in negotiation for a while, so I was glad to get them signed before we headed to Thailand.      (back to top)  



June         (back to top)  




July/August Update (July 13, 2007)


“There’s no place like home!”


We spent three weeks in June in Bangkok, where Vivian was having surgery at one of the world's leading hospitals. (Sorry, we haven't had time to work on any photos from that adventure, but hope to post some in August). We really appreciated all of the notes and thoughts that helped get us through that ordeal. The planned surgery went better than expected because the doctors knew exactly what to do and how to do it. However, she had a severe allergic reaction when bitten by an insect on her first trip outside the hospital (a week before our return to Kunming). After being treated in early July for a slight infection, we are happy to report that Vivian is now doing very well. We hope the worst is over. It really is good to be home in Kunming!

Andrew came through his “home alone” experience in good form. Many of our friends kept an eye on him and made sure he had a couple of good meals to supplement the microwave popcorn and imported easy-to-make macaroni and cheese. He was ready for us to get home, until Vivian started getting him to help her with all the little “pick-up and move this” type jobs around the house (her doctor said she couldn’t lift anything for over a month). Honestly, he has been a great help around the house. He is also helping another friend make improvements to a
computer program (for learning Chinese). This is keeping Andrew away from computer games for at least a couple hours a day!

Michael finished his Chinese language classes in early July. He is now trying to sort out several computer problems, update our website, and prepare for his new teaching position. All initial contacts with Kunming Medical University have been very positive, and he is looking forward to teaching graduate students next semester.

Unfortunately, when Michael got a new passport in Thailand, it also canceled his Chinese visa (we had been told this would not happen). Therefore, we have to go to Hong Kong before mid-July to get work visas for next year. This means that another friend will be spending a week in our apartment to watch

In the month since we returned from Thailand, we have already invited local friends over to see two videos. In memory of Ruth Bell Graham (you can read about her on Xinhua), we watched a documentary of Billy and Ruth’s life, and we also celebrated America’s national holiday by watching “ID4.” We hope to have one or two more “guest nights” in August, so if you live in Kunming, please be sure you are on our email list!

In late August, before school starts back for both Michael and Andrew, we will be participating in the Board of Directors meetings for the JHF orphan projects in Yunnan. Other than that, we hope the rest of the summer will be uneventful so Vivian can fully recuperate and we can all complete some projects that have been put on hold.

Thanks for your interest in our lives. Drop us a note sometime so we can find out how you are doing! And have a great summer!


Michael, Vivian and Andrew Krigline           (back to top)  



September (I am waiting for classes to begin before I write the Sept. update. As of today, August 30, the university still hasn't told me when my classes start, but I expect it to be any day now. The students have already been on campus for a few days.)


September (Sept 10, 2007)


It feels great to be back on the right side of the desk.

I enjoyed taking a year off to finish my book and to study Chinese, but I really do love to teach so it is great to be in front of students again. I'm just starting to get to know my 92 new graduate students at Kunming Medical University, but I think the are among the brightest young people I've had the privilege to teach. My initial placement tests show that they have a wide range of English levels, but it is also clear that they are very intelligent. As advanced medical students, this should be expected! They say they have chosen my course out of other options, so motivation is high--and that is a key ingredient in language acquisition. So far, they show a willingness to participate, ask questions, and do homework. I am really looking forward to helping them help themselves over the next 17 weeks.

In addition to Vivian’s constant work to keep our family going, she has also returned to her role as Michael’s behind-the-scenes teaching assistant/grader now that school has started. She also continues with her volunteer administrative duties for local Jian Hua associates (that means lots of email, and hospitality to associates as they come and go through Kunming).

Andrew has started high school, but the process of education lost some of its charm when his best friend moved back to America over the summer. Still, we hope that he will keep up with his work and good grades while developing new friendships. Beth is doing well (in America), and recently took a trip with relatives to Mexico.

Health wise, Vivian’s recovery is on schedule. She knows when she reaches or exceeds her limits with walking and shopping, but overall she is doing very well. We are very grateful that everything went well in Thailand, and the timing for her recovery over the summer was prefect!

Vivian and Michael were able to participate in the bi-annual Board of Trustees meetings for the JHF Yunnan orphanage projects in August. Everyone was grateful that Vivian is now on the Board, since she does such a great job of keeping the minutes! These two facilities (in Lijiang and Ninglang) are currently caring for approximately 93 children, and we can't say enough good things about the work being done. There is great cooperation between officials, foreign administrators, local caregivers and the children themselves. It is a privilege to be a part of it all.

Progress on Michael’s textbook is going slow but steady. A distinguished Chinese professor has written a wonderful preface in Chinese, and the publisher assigned a new editor who contacted Michael last week about layout/art changes. The book is scheduled to be ready by February, but you can get a sneak preview by clicking on the Real World link.

I've made lots of changes to this website over the past few weeks, but I'm too busy to write about them now (and there is a lot more to do!). Check back in a week or so and maybe I can say more.

That's all I have time for! Thanks for visiting!

Michael Krigline for the family
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October/November (Oct 14)

It's mid October and I've haven't found time to create our "monthly" update. It is also likely that I will be too busy for a while, so this will have to do until December.

Classes are going great. I have over 90 bright, responsive grad students in a multitude of medical majors. Almost every week, they do role plays for their classmates after reading and discussing health-related articles. It looks like they are enjoying themselves and learning new things, and most importantly all this oral English is reducing their fear of speaking in front of others.

Meanwhile, Vivian is spending three weeks in the US (until Oct 22) to spend time with our daughter Beth, her husband, and other relatives. Sometimes a mommy just has to act like a mommy, even for grown children. Back here in China, Andrew and I are coping as well as can be expected without the glue that holds our family together. We have started teaching Sunday School (grades 1-3, for foreign kids), which is a lot of fun. Andrew is also working on a science project, which he says isn't much fun. Too bad they won't let him do a project related to computers (which is his favorite distraction)!

In spite of our busy-ness, I've added a few things to our website--see the details below. There is more to add and say, but I've got to get back to work!

See you in December,

Michael for the family
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What is new? Click here to see photos of my new students, photos of Bangkok, a new story, a revised version of the Foreword to my forthcoming book, and several resources for my current students. In the past month or so, I added a new page about Kunming Medical University, new movie guides (House MD and Lost Worlds), and new articles (about choosing an English name and for young people seeking career guidance).




December Update (Dec 2, 2007)


Dear Friends,

As we do every year, we have been looking forward to the Christmas season! We have some new Christmas CDs to add to our wonderful collection. We have already started watching classic movies (we saw The Grinch a few days ago; we will enjoy
Last Holiday with students soon, and Capra's It's a Wonderful Life with students in our home later this month--two of those movies have study guides on this website). Just after Thanksgiving, my class monitors (student helpers) came over to help decorate our Christmas tree. This year, Andrew and I get the added joy of teaching foreign children about Christmas every Sunday morning (grade 1-3) in Sunday School. Of course, December also means exams for Andrew and for my students. I created a quiz this past weekend, and have to create the final exam later this month. Add oral interviews for my students, email from the publisher asking me to edit parts of my book, taking care of our dog (no longer a puppy), editing a monthly teachers' newsletter, and the never-ending tasks around the house (mostly borne by Vivian) and it is easy to see why we rarely have time to work on this website! But if you will pardon the out-of-date sections, there is plenty to see, read, and learn.

It is easy to see the attraction of this international holiday. Red and green decorations and colorful lights provide a bright contrast to the dull colors of early winter. Everyone likes gifts (both giving and receiving!). Add the warmth of baked goods and parties, and the season is almost irresistible! If you don't know much about Christmas, there are two articles on this website that you might find interesting. One is called
Who is Santa and the other is Finding Christmas.

For us, Christmas is a time of joy and peace. May that and more be yours this holiday season!

Michael Krigline for Vivian and Andrew
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