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Note: various links or other references may be mentioned below that no longer apply. Sorry for the inconvenience.


 April 13, 2000 

Greetings, Family and Friends


      So Much to Do--The Columbia International Festival is behind us, and it was a great success (visit their web site for some photos -- www.ifmusa.org/festival ). Michael is still teaching, though many of the students in the photo (at the link below) are leaving Columbia in April. We hope that they will remember what we taught them far into the future--especially about the most important things in life. Meanwhile, we continue packing and sorting, and particularly have loads of files and papers to deal with!

      What’s Ahead--We’ve purchased our plane tickets and continue to be excited about our upcoming move. We leave Columbia on June 11, and fly to Hong Kong from Cleveland on June 21. We will head to Shanghai by train before the end of the month. The big things ahead include “closing” on our home sale, packing a crate to ship out in June (books, clothes, toys, dishes, etc.), saying goodbye to old and new friends, and bringing our work in America to an end (for Vivian this means leaving the place she has worked for almost 28 years!). We will need grace for all of these things.

      Thanks for being interested in our lives. Drop us a note when you can so we can get caught up on YOUR lives!


Michael, Vivian, Beth and Andrew           (back to top) 


June 14, 2000        


On the Road


      We have said goodbye to Columbia, Shipped our crate to China, and driven our little Escort wagon to Ohio, loaded to the max with the rest of our earthly possessions.

      There were some tense moments related to the crate. First, the company which made it for us made it too big, and we weren’t sure the trans-pacific company would accept it. (It only measured 53x53x67 inches.) Then there was some difficulty in getting it into the shipping truck. But everything turned out alright. It is going to cost a little more than expected to get it to China, but we were also able to ship over a few more things. All things have worked together for good.

      The latest word from Shanghai said they still haven’t found us an apartment, but they still have two weeks as I write this.

      It was hard to turn in our keys and give out those last hugs, but excitement about what lies ahead keeps us going. Check out our special events page and see where we are while you are reading this!


Michael, Vivian & Andrew          (back to top) 


Late June 2000


Half a world away


      On June 22 we arrived safely (with all our luggage in tact!) in Hong Kong, where this photo was taken. As we write, Michael’s school is processing paperwork and obtaining our Chinese Visas. Meanwhile, we are trying to adjust to the 12-hour-difference (“jet lag”), while seeing some of this beautiful port city. We fly to Shanghai on June 28, where we have to find an apartment (with the school’s help) and then settle in. Michael’s summer school responsibilities start July 1. Our crate is scheduled to arrive in late July - - we hope it arrives safely and can be picked up without any difficulties! Next month, we hope to be able to post a photo of some of the people we have come to serve.

       As always, thanks for your interest in our work and lives. Drop us a note sometime! E-mail is quick and easy, but if you prefer you can click on our “favorite links” to get our mailing address. 


In China,


Michael, Vivian and Andrew             (back to top) 




August  2000


Settling in for Summer Work  


     Our first month was packed with activity (not to mention a lot of packing and unpacking!).  After a week in Hong Kong, we arrived in Shanghai on June 28.  Michael started teaching two days later.  It also took several days to find an apartment.  Meanwhile, a team of summer teachers arrived, and we spent the first week together in orientation.  Our institute is offering a certificate in Teaching English As A Foreign Language to the summer team, and Michael has presented several of these classes, in addition to his other teaching duties.  (Our Photo Album offers a look at our apartment, and visit Student Connection to see our students and the summer team.)

     On July 17, Vivian and Andrew began studying Mandarin Chinese.  Over the past year, Michael had been teaching Andrew the basics, so he is progressing nicely.  It's all pretty overwhelming for Vivian - sort of like trying to drink water from a fire hose! - but more and more drops are falling into her cup.  Michael's Chinese is good enough to get us about town, but he hopes things settle down enough in the fall so he has time for a tutor.  

     How can one describe a place where most things are new or different from what you are used to?  Change is hard for most people, but it is now the essence of our lives.  Still, we are all starting to meet people (students, classmates, teachers) and hope to form friendships with many of them over time.  These relationships are making the changes more bearable; after all , that is a big part of why we came.  


Michael, Vivian and Andrew             (back to top) 




September 2000


Fall Term Begins 


     The leaves may not be changing yet, but much of our schedule sure is!  The summer teachers are gone, leaving the six regular teachers (plus a few part-timers) to carry on. Our institute offers English classes at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as computer courses (in Chinese) and the occasional beginning French or Japanese class. The school caters to children (age 4 and up) and their parents, as well as to the post-college crowd which has found English helpful at work. On top of our regular classes, we offer on-site classes for local companies, private tutoring, and more. Needless to say, there's enough to keep us all pretty busy! 

     Because Andrew attends our sister organization (the Shanghai International School-or SIS), my boss has asked me to help develop and teach a new Intensive English Language Program for SIS. If things go as planned, I will work with middle and high school students (mainly from Japan and Korea) to bring their English up during their first six months in SH. Then they will attend regular classes (in English). There will only be a handful of students at first, and I will work with them M, W, F. On Tues-Thur, I will (tentatively) travel over an hour each way to teach English on-site to leaders of an airport catering company. Tues-Thur evenings I will teach one of our regular classes. In my spare time (ha!) I am to keep working on our new web site and various other promotional items.  

     Meanwhile, Vivian will be studying Chinese full time and Andrew enters the second grade on Sept. 4.  The whole family participates in an English corner (see photo album) on most Saturday evenings.  Our friendships are growing, and we are getting used to finding our way around this city of 14 million people.  Word reached us last night (8/30) that our crate of personal belongings (books, clothes, toys, dishes, etc.) has finally arrived from the states - if it's true then we will soon be able to really get settled in! 

     We hope you will take a few minutes to look at our photo pages and visit our links.  The pictures may not load quickly, but they will give you a better idea of how we live and what we've been privileged to see and do since we arrived. 


As always, thanks for your interest in our lives. Drop us a note when you can.  


Michael, Vivian and Andrew             (back to top) 



October 7,  2000   


Dear Friends, 


            October 1 was National Day in China. For our American readers, that is sort of like Thanksgiving and July 4 rolled into one. Many companies are closed for a whole week, so people use the holidays to visit family and friends, as well as to celebrate the nation’s anniversary. This year there was even more to celebrate with the success of China’s Olympic team!

            A good friend offered to share his National Day with us, so together we headed for

            In other news, yes, the crate finally made it to our doorstep (see Apartment photos). Many of it’s long-overdue items have been useful to our work and general comfort. We have also been extremely busy since the school year started in early September (see Student Connection for details). Andrew loves school and is already receiving awards for his eagerness to learn.

            We know that our Photo Album pages don’t always load quickly, but those who have reported back say they are worth the wait! Thanks, as always, for showing interest in our lives. Drop us a line, and look for the next update in November. 


Serving in China,  


Michael, Vivian and Andrew             (back to top) 



November 4, 2000


Dear Friends,


       It looks like November is going to be a month of good-byes. On November 4 we say good-bye to our friend Mr. Zhang as he is flying to Switzerland for graduate studies. We also say good-bye to Michael’s Gate Gourmet students when their term ends November 7. Vivian’s Mandarin class ends November 6, and she also had to say good-bye to her own students at the end of October. On November 16, Andrew and Michael say “see you later” to Vivian as she heads to the US for Beth’s graduation.

       Good-byes are just an occupational hazard when you are a teacher. We touch lives for a season, and then hope our students put to use the things we have taught them. Sometimes we are blessed to see students again later-either in the next term or somewhere down the road. E-mail is also a wonderful way to keep friendships alive. But these don’t make the good-byes any easier.

       Of course, Vivian’s “so long” is only temporary. She returns to us on December 19. But the “boys” are facing a lonely month, especially as the big Thanksgiving family holiday comes and goes (Nov. 23).

       In other news, our apartment will see it’s first parties Nov. 10 & 12. We remain extremely busy with school, and a new class begins as soon as Michael’s Gate Gourmet class ends. Andrew enjoys school and Beth is looking forward to Graduation (Dec. 8).

       Thanks, as always, for showing interest in our lives. Look at our photo album if you haven’t done so recently, and drop us a line when you have a minute so we can hear how things are going for you!


Serving in China,


Michael, Vivian and Andrew             (back to top) 


December 7, 2000


Dear Friends,


     Since Vivian left for the US (November 16), "the boys" have been extremely busy in Shanghai. Andrew tags along when Michael teaches at night, and often waits after school for Daddy to finish. But we also have fun together-bowling, visiting a game room (Andrew loved beating Daddy in a "ball canon battle"), and visiting the Grace orphanage. Grace will care for 30 Seniors and 60 disabled orphans once it is finished. We are proud to be a part of a team of friends who lovingly support this wonderful project over an hour outside of Shanghai. 

     Meanwhile, back in the USA our daughter Beth has been counting the hours to her college graduation (Dec. 8). We are really proud of her for many years of hard work. Vivian is there to help celebrate, but Michael and Andrew will have to settle for Mommy's photos! Vivian is also visiting friends and taking care of important things related to her retirement. The Shanghai Boys are impatiently awaiting her return on December 20! 

     Our apartment is decorated for Christmas, and we will have several Christmas parties here and at school. It is a wonderful season, especially for US since our lives have been so dramatically changed by the Child born on Christmas! May YOU know the Peace and Joy we have found in the Center of Christmas!


Until January,


Michael & Andrew Krigline (for the family)             (back to top) 


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