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I've stopped updating this website, though it's pages will remain for a while. See "current update" for details.

Visit instead: wp.krigline.com and EFLsuccess.com

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Note: various links or other references may be mentioned below that no longer apply. Sorry for the inconvenience.


February/March 2010 update (February 3, 2009)     


      Well, I don't really have anything interesting to say. Vivian is in the US at the moment, so Andrew and I are just staying busy with various computer projects (and home schooling for him). We come out of our little worlds to eat together, and watch a movie in the evening. It is currently almost 3 a.m. Andrew went to bed a few hours ago, but I'm often working until the "wee hours." What have I been working on? Well, you'll see some of it in the "What is new" section below. It probably won't look like much to you, but (if you don't run your own website) you wouldn't believe how long these things take!

      Other projects involve converting audio- and video-tapes into computer files, and scanning papers and pictures (two more time-consuming activities). Basically, I'm doing this so that I don't have to take bulky cassettes and heavy papers with me when we return to the US next summer. We don't know yet if this is a permanent move or just for a year, but in order to give Andrew the best chance at getting a college education, it really will be best if he finishes high school (next year is his last) in the US.

       In mid-February, Vivian will join us in Hong Kong for the annual Jian Hua conference for professionals working in China. We always enjoy these conferences, so we are looking forward to the week-long event.

       We'll be back before the new KMU semester starts in March. Like last year, half of my students will be grads and half will be undergrads.

      There are many pages on this website that need attention, and many more I'd like to add, but I just don't see where I'll find the time. Nonetheless, be sure to look at "What is new" whenever you visit, just in case I squeeze in the time to add or update something.


Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year,

Michael Krigline for the family 


[PS, March 15: In March I've had a terrible time uploading this website. Whole rows of sub-pages have disappeared, and sometimes it takes many weeks of trying to upload before MS Frontpage software--which I use for this website--tells me "web site published successfully." So, pardon us if something is incomplete or out-of-date. As a part-time webmaster, I often find many aspects of web maintenance beyond my control!]            (back to top) 

March/April 2010 update (March 27, 2010)


As our departure from China (in July) inches closer, it seems to get harder and harder to find spare time. Of course, my students come first, and I'm enjoying the spring term. I spend two days each week on the Cheng Gong campus, teaching about 75 grad students and 80 undergrads. I hope to have new class photos posted on line soon. As in previous years, my sophomores have been reluctant to speak in front of so many classmates, but every week a few new people summon up the courage to open their mouths--which I'm always happy to see. We have been using an exercise focused on "Improving your study skills" and there is a video, role plays and an Easter skit in the near future. Meanwhile, my grad students are enjoying the book Great Ideas, and will soon get the chance to discuss "Mindyburg Paradise Park." All of this variety keeps me busy!

Also coming up, Andrew will soon take the SAT--America's college entrance exam. That same weekend (May 1), Vivian and I will fly to Beijing to attend a former student's wedding and to say goodbye to some old friends. We also have a trip planned in April to participate in our final Board Meeting for the Yunnan orphanages overseen by the Jian Hua Foundation. While it is hard to say goodbye, it has been an honor to be involved with this wonderful project for many years.

On top of all that, there is now a wooden crate in our living room--a full-size reminder of the task ahead to sort through what we have accumulated over the past decade. Some things we'll ship to the USA, others we will store in Kunming (somewhere--until we decide what our next step will be), and many things will be sold or given away. If you live in Kunming and are interested in some used furniture, let us know and we may be able to help you out!

Well, I'd better close. There is always more to do than I have time to finish, so I don't expect to make many "big changes" to our website in the next few months, but whenever you visit be sure to check the "
What is new" section below--and of course, there are over 150 pages to explore already!

Enjoying Kunming's dry, warm spring,


Michael Krigline for the family        (back to top) 


May 2010 update


May 10 update: The Beijing wedding was wonderful, though traffic congestion made us so late that we missed the "ceremony" part. Still, we had a wonderful weekend. Unfortunately, I'm too busy with my teaching to deal with photos, but I have taken the time to describe an unusual "adventure" that took place just before we headed for the Beijing airport. Click here to read about "The Day a Wall Became a Bridge." Also check out our "items to sell" before we move to America in July.     (back to top)  

June 2010 update (June 5)


     A number of action verbs come to mind as I write this update: traveling, teaching, scanning, sorting, deciding, parting, testing, and looking.

     In April, all three of us traveled to a village where we got to deliver crates of water to an elementary school. In this photo, you see Andrew doing his part (the bus couldn't navigate on the narrow country lane, so we had to carry the crates a few hundred meters to the school). The drought in Yunnan has been the worst experienced in decades, so it was a privilege to play a tiny part in helping people through it. The trip was arranged by our university's Foreign Affairs Office (for all foreign staff and students), and it also included a visit to a provincial scenic spot called the Sand Forest.

     We also traveled to Beijing in May, to attend the wedding of a former student (from my years of teaching in Xi'an). Unfortunately, the traffic was so bad that we missed the beginning of the festivities, but it was still a great treat to participate.

     While in the capital, we also got to share a meal (and ride to the airport) with Lei (above), Michael's best friend from Xiamen University days (1985). To top it off, another former Xi'an student (Rock, below with his girlfriend) took us to the Great Wall. It is always a delight to see former students, and it is humbling that these smart, gifted people still want to spend time with us, even after many years apart.

     The trip was great, and I even had the chance to act neighborly with some Iranian men on the morning we left; click here to read about that unusual story: "The Day a Wall Became a Bridge."

     "Traveling" is also related to why I also thought of many of the other verbs (teaching, scanning, sorting, etc.). Early on July 9 we will travel by air again, first stopping in Shanghai to visit the World Expo for two days (just enough time to scan major pavilions, but it will be fun anyway); then we'll fly back to the US (for at least a year, and perhaps for several). Because of this impending departure, and in addition to my normal teaching duties, we've also started to teach our neighbor how to care for our dog--they have graciously asked to care for her while we are away.

     Vivian, Andrew and I are also spending much of our spare time scanning old documents, resources and photos. Paper is heavy, and so far we've reduced our load by about a suitcase! Meanwhile, we are sorting through ten years of accumulated boxes and bookshelves, deciding what we are keeping, and what we are parting with. This has led to the creation of two web pages, dedicated to selling second-hand items that we would rather not ship to our next home. (Click here to see the bargains available to Kunming locals.)

     While Vivian and I were traveling to Beijing, Andrew was being tested in Kunming (he had to take the US College Entrance Exam; this photo shows him studying diligently in our home). The results came back last week, and he did exceptionally well! We're very proud of him, and know that these scores can lead to great university opportunities. This, of course, is the main reason for our return to the US. Andrew needs to finish high school in Ohio next year, and we will also use this year to evaluate and apply to universities and to look for scholarships. And speaking of testing, I give my last tests of the semester in about a week, which just shows how close we are to the end of our time here.

     And this leads me to the final verb: looking. As we look ahead to our departure, the sadness of leaving friends (including past and present students) is mixed with looking forward to helping Andrew find and succeed in a great university, paving the way to a useful adult life. We are also excitedly looking forward to becoming grandparents in December, when our daughter is scheduled to become a mommy! We are glad that we'll be in the US for the big event, instead of being 12 time zones away. We are also looking forward to living with my parents in Ohio, and to reconnecting with old friends we haven't seen in far too long.

     Well, with all this traveling, teaching, scanning, sorting, deciding, parting, testing and looking forward going on, I doubt that I'll have the chance to add much to our website. I also fear that I won't be able to continue uploading to my ".cn" website from abroad (so check out www.krigline.com if this page looks really old!). And we also hope you will stay in touch with us in the year/years ahead, whether we are living nearby or half-a-world away.



Michael Krigline for the family         (back to top)  


Here is Gimli, next to the empty crate in our living room. In June, this will fill up with things being stored in Kunming while we are in the US for a year. After that, we'll come back to get Gimli and our things, and take them to wherever we have decided to move (which we will probably decide in the spring).


July 2010 update (July 8)


     In a few hours, we say goodbye to Kunming for at least a year. The furniture has been sold, the apartment has been returned to our landlord, and a kind friend has let us store two cubic meters of things in a local warehouse. The future looks like this: during the 2010-2011 school year, Andrew will finish high school in Ohio (where we'll live with Michael's parents); after that, we are not sure where the road will lead. (You can see a few more details on our FAQ page.) Sometime (probably fall of 2011) we will visit Kunming to get our dog and to ship our things to the next location. If you want to see us during that short visit, then simply stay in touch! We'll keep you posted by email (which you can also find on our home page).
     Finally, since uploading a China-based website from abroad will probably be difficult, this page (and this site) may not change until the summer of 2011. So, if you want more current information, and whatever "new" things I add, then visit www.krigline.com (not ...com.cn).

     So, GOODBYE to Kunming and our friends here; we'll miss you!
     Michael for the family

August 2010 update (August 17)

     We have been in the US for about a month, but we have been "on the road" (mostly in South Carolina), and thus have not had consistent access to the Internet. We also sold the computers we used in China to check email! So, pardon us if we haven't answered your email (we probably haven't seen it yet), or if this page is out of date. I plan to buy a new laptop and I hope that I can devote more time to updating Krigline.com once we get settled in Ohio (in September).
     Andrew now has a "student driver" permit. Ohio law requires that he drive for at least 50 hours with one of us in the car with him, and we've already let him begin his driving lessons. We were in Ohio for a week or so before heading south. While there, we got him registered for high school (which is free in the USA), and he also attended a camp for "third culture kids" (i.e., young people like him who have grown up in another country). After a "boring" week in SC, listening to us talk about China, he flew up to the Washington DC area to be with his cousin (for some fun before starting his senior year). We'll all be together again in Ohio soon.
     Our time with friends and family in South Carolina has been sweet. We've seen a lot of folks that we haven't seen in many years, and I got to meet my new son-in-law (who seems like a nice addition to the family!). We've eaten a lot (the best place to get reacquainted is a restaurant!), and put a lot of miles on our car (which Mom and Dad have lent us for a year). We've also made some new friends as we've had the chance to talk about our work in China on several occasions. Americans seem to be very interested in what it is like to live and work in China, so we hope to get many more opportunities to share in the months to come.
     Well, I need to close and get back to my car, so I'll end here. Look for another update sometime next month!

     Back in the USA!
     Michael Krigline for the family
    (back to top) 



September 24 (note)
     I'm traveling again, mostly in South Carolina and later to Philadelphia, so I'm again away from consistent Internet access. Thanks for your patience with my limited ability to check email or update this website! --Michael


October 2010 update (October 19)

     Ohio is beautiful this time of year, with maple trees catching the sun in their gold and orange autumn leaves. (The photo to the right shows our neighbor's awesome tree.) We have seen many beautiful hillsides (as well as a variety of roads, lakes, parking lots, cityscapes and rainy vistas) as we logged over 9000 miles in Mom/Dad's car since we returned to the US in July. I also recently added up the total number of appointments we've kept; they include 45 meals with friends, 48 meetings, eight medical appointments, and a host of other things like high school football games, laser tag, birthday parties, college visits, date/movie nights, helping at a soup kitchen, and a funeral. I hope, therefore, you'll forgive us for not having time to keep this page (or website) up to date! However, you will find some new wallpaper on our wallpaper page (click to check it out!), including shots of hot air balloons and carved pumpkins. You can also read an article (about Michael) recently printed in Eastern University's newspaper.

Busy as ever,
Michael for the family 
        (back to top)  

PS: If you are new to www.krigline.com, we have been "teaching and learning" in China since 2000, but are spending 2010-11 in the US, mainly so that our son Andrew qualifies for lower tuition and more scholarships when he goes to college (2011). We are also spending time to catch up with friends and relatives, and look forward to the birth of our first grandchild in December! We flew back from China in mid July (2010), and plan to return to Asia in the summer of 2011.



November/December 2010 update (Dec 15)

     The biggest news is that we are now grandparents! Vivian has been in South Carolina for over a week, preparing for the event; Andrew and Michael will drive south to meet the new relative once Andrew's school lets out for the Christmas two-week break.

     To summarize the past half year, we stopped at the International Expo in Shanghai on our way back to the US from China in July 2010. We sold most of our possessions before leaving Kunming, not quite knowing what to expect for the months and year(s) ahead. Now, Michael has started applying to universities, seeking a full-time job starting fall 2011, while Andrew completes high school and applies to American universities (mostly in Ohio where we are now living).


     Christmas is always hectic in the US, and since it is fast approaching I'm too busy to thoroughly update this page. However, I've place photos on this "update page" to show you the home we are living in (Michael's parents' home), after the first snowfall. Next we zoom in to the porch to see Mary and Joseph (from the Christmas story) joining the rest of us in waiting for Christmas! (Also notice the icicles.) The window sign is a decoration Michael made many years ago, which says "Jesus is the Reason for the Season." The photo on the right shows the tall Christmas tree at Michael's parents' house--but it was sad not to have our usual "Tree Decorating Party" with students this year!
     That's all for now. Be sure to check back soon, because I'm pretty sure "Grandma Vivian" will be sending more baby photos before the month is out.

Wishing you a merry Christmas,
Michael for the family     
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