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I've stopped updating this website, though it's pages will remain for a while. See "current update" for details.

Visit instead: wp.krigline.com and EFLsuccess.com

Final grades for my fall 2013 classes at Xiamen University

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American Ways--Fall 2013

Instructor: Mr. Michael Krigline, MA        Xiamen University,  International Economics and Trade


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After the term is over, click below to open the PDF file, showing your final grade and the components of your grade. (On my computer, it takes about 30 seconds for the pdf file to open after you single-click the blue words below.)

If there is a problem with your grade, please phone me immediately.

Grades are listed in random order in each class (just look for your ID number; names are not posted here).


Final Grade (PDF file to download)

If you wish to save a copy of this pdf file, use the "save" button after it opens. If you have problems seeing it, request a copy by email.



As indicated on your syllabus, here is how I calculated your grades:

--Attendance 5% (everyone got these points except two seniors who missed too many classes)

--Q&HW, i.e. midterm tests and written homework 35% (this is explained below)

--Final Exam 50% (I understand that this is an XMU policy; about 40% of my Final was copied from the Midterm Exam, and many of the remaining points were "previewed" in my review "hints" online, so everyone knew about half of the material before you took the test)

--"Daily grade" (participation) 10% (this is explained below)

Because of limitations in the XMU computer system, your grade may be one point different from what is shown here. It has to do with how the university's computer rounds numbers up or down, and then adds them together. There is nothing I can do about that (I tried in the past). But if your grade is more than one point different from what is shown, please tell me about it ASAP.


To Calculate the "Q&HW" (Midterm Exam and Homework) score, add these: Midterm exam (100 points), Synonym score on Midterm divided by 2 (4.5 points), Far&Away HW x 1.5 (15 points), Essay Outline x 1.5 (15 points), Forrester HW (3 points, done before class), Partner Report on Final exam (3 points), Page 1 of the Final exam (based on HW) divided by 2 (11 points), plus extracurricular points if any. Without "extracurricular", this would be 151 points, divided by 4.3 to give up to 35 points toward your final grade (i.e., 35%)


--"Extracurricular": Participation in activities with the teacher on or off campus, outside class (e.g., Weekly Free Talk, meals, tea time, movie nights, etc. Note: this was counted as "bonus", not as an expected part of the grade.

--"Extra credit": a few people got this; it included the poster "winners", Gua-sha homework, and a few other things. If you think you will need one or two "extra credit" points next term, talk to me (but you may consider it to be a lot of work for very little benefit!).


"Daily" grade: This was a subjective mark based on a number of things. If you want a higher score next term, ask yourself these questions: Did the teacher often see me participating or volunteering to answer questions in class? Did I participate in extra-curricular activities? Did I show improvement during the term? How did I do on the Midterm and Final exams?



If you are happy with your grade, I'm glad. I tried to give you what you earned (or maybe a little higher than that!). But whether you are happy or not, remember what grades are! Click here to read my article on that subject.


This resource was created for our students under my understanding of "fair use" for educational resources.  

2013 Michael Krigline, all rights reserved. As far as I am concerned, people are allowed to print/copy it for personal or classroom use.

 (see Website Standards and Use Policy)

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