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"Test Your Skill!" on this Common Mistake Worksheet

Use this worksheet to test your English ability (see the instructions at the bottom), or click here to see my

Better English Study Guide

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Common Mistake Worksheet
Find the mistakes, then check your answers to see how good your English really is!

See instructions below.


I wanna say something about my mother. I think she has been a blessing to me in

many ways. For example, she has been a good teacher, coach, friend, and so on. She taught

fourth grade students before she retired, but I also knew a lot from she at home. Sometimes

she taught me stories while I helped her with housework. She helped me when I had much

homeworks, too. When my work was done I can watch TV to study some useful things. I

enjoy studying because her influence. Besides, I like to play ping-pong. My mother is

good player of ping-pong, so twice a week she told me how to play. Over time I knew how

to play well, for as my grandpa say,a duck’s son is a good swimmer”. In fact, three month

later I will going to Australia on my university ping-pong team! Finally, I would like to

say something about how she is my friend. A picture beside my bed shows the two of us.

In the picture we are embracing. We took the photo in the chinese holiday of Spring

Festival. On New Year’s Eve, my mother and I has a special tradition—we write each oth

-er the letter saying what our friendship has meant during the past year. Whenever I get

lonely I read these letters and the memories of our friendship over the years brings me

much comforts. My mother is more wonderful. So I love her. I wish I can be as her someday.


 Is it too hard? You can "cheat" by slowly moving your mouse through this text! (See the instructions below) 


The paragraph above is full of common mistakes. Can you find and fix them all? I suggest you print this page and then write corrections above the text.

If you have trouble, your mouse can help you! (Your pointer should change into text when your mouse is "over" a problem area; and clicking there may even take you to a helpful explanation.)

When you think you have found and fixed them all, COUNT THE MISTAKES then see your score on the "answer sheet." The "answer sheet" will also help you discover the errors you missed.

If the "magic mouse" isn't working (and nothing happens when you click), then just use a "find" command [ctrl+f] to search for help on my Better Writing Study Guide.


This resource was created for our students under my understanding of "fair use" for educational resources.  

© 2007 Michael Krigline, all rights reserved. As far as I am concerned, people are allowed to print/copy it for personal or classroom use.

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