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WELCOME TO MY CLASS! —Fall 2012 (Xiamen University)

Instructor: Mr. Michael Krigline, MA


You are taking this class because you know how important English is for China’s development, as well as your own future. Successful language progress requires a good memory, plenty of hard work, and a willingness to use what you learn. Your oral, listening and written abilities are important, but so are study habits and attitude. To make the most of our time together you must work hard, do your homework, prepare for class (and tests), be bold enough to speak (and thus make mistakes), and surround yourself with English as much as possible. Your teachers, friends and parents can help, but your success or failure is YOUR responsibility!


Here are some of my expectations:

--COME TO CLASS on time and be prepared to work. Please call me “Mr. Krigline” during class. Outside of class “Michael” is OK. If you can’t remember my name, you can call me “Sir.”

-- HELP IS AVAILABLE: If you want extra help, ask for an appointment (before/after class or by special arrangement). However, do not rely on email to contact me (use a phone: 15159662460)!

--QUIZZES, TESTS AND GRADES: You will probably have a few vocabulary quizzes as well as a written final exam, and your SPEAKING ability will be measured several times this term. Your syllabus will show how these affect your grade, along with attendance, homework, class participation, and more.


--按时上课并做到课前预习。课堂上请称呼我“Mr. Krigline”,课外叫我Michael就行,如果你记不得我的名字,就称呼我“Sir.”


--测验、考试和评分: 这学期你将会有几次词汇测验和最后的写作考试,并且在将会有数次口语能力考察。你的课表能说明这些和你的出勤率、作业完成情况、课堂踊跃程度等等如何影响你的成绩。

--ATTENDANCE: If you miss several classes (excused or not), it will affect your grade (I cannot teach students who do not come to class). If your classmates turned in homework, you must also deliver the same homework to me (by special appointment or at my home) before the next class.


--HOMEWORK: ASK if you do not understand an assignment. Late homework (unless you missed class) automatically gets a 50% penalty, if I choose to grade it at all. Do homework on loose paper (not in a notebook), and be sure to follow guidelines concerning length, spacing, etc. Avoid contractions when you write. Use ink and write neatly (or type if possible)—if I can’t read it, I mark it wrong. ALWAYS double space sentences and paragraphs (to give me room to make corrections). By giving me your assignment, you also give me permission to use it (probably edited) to help other English-learners (via book, handout, webpage, etc.); I’ll include your “English name” unless you ask me not to. I assign homework to prepare you for class, help you review, or give you extra practice. Even if I don’t collect it, homework IS NOT OPTIONAL! If you come to class without doing it, I may ask you to leave. In addition to what I assign, you should REVIEW what we talk about in class, review vocabulary, and if possible listen to additional related resources (on the Internet, recordings, DVDs, etc.). You should think of homework as a way to improve your English, not as a “minimum requirement” to pass a class.

--家庭作业:如果你不明白布置的作业是什么就问。如果我选择批改计分的话,迟交的作业将被扣除50%的得分以作为惩罚,除非你没能来上课。作业坐在单页纸上,不要用笔记本,确保按照要求的长度、行距等来做。书写时避免使用缩写,用钢笔整洁书写,如果可能,就打印出来-如果我没法读,将判为错误。自始至终双倍行距书写,留下让我修改的空间。交作业时,请允许我,让我将它(可能经过编辑)用来通过书、分发材料或网页来帮助别的学习英语的人;我将注明你的英语名字,除非你不让我这样做。我布置作业目的是让你为上课做好准备,帮助你复习,或是让你练习。即使我不收,课后作业也不是随意的!如果你没做作业来上课,我将让你离开。除过我布置的作业,你应该复习课堂上的内容,复习词汇,如果可能,多听相关的网上资料、录音资料、DVD等资料。你应该把课后作业看作是提升英语水平的一种方法,而不是通过课程的 “最低要求”。

--ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Studying with a friend and checking each other’s homework AFTER you do it is wise scholarship, but do NOT copy someone else’s work (this is cheating) or copy from printed works or the Internet without documentation (this is plagiarism). The same wrong answer on two “neighboring” tests may result in BOTH students getting a zero for that whole test (so cheating hurts you and the person you cheat from—and you should also protect your exam paper from the eyes of others!). Plagiarism or other forms of dishonesty will earn a zero on that assignment/quiz AND may have 30 points taken from your final exam score. If I think you have cheated in any way, I may also report it to the Dean.

--学习的完整性: 写完作业后和你的朋友一起切磋并互相检查是一种明智的做法。但是不要照抄别人的作品(这是作弊),或是不做任何标注而从印刷品上和网上拷贝(这是剽窃)。如果“相邻的”两份试卷上出现相同的错误答案,这两份试卷都将被判为0分。因此,作弊将会伤害到你和被你抄袭的人(因此,你要保护好你自己的试卷,防备他人的偷窥的眼睛!)剽窃或是其他方式的不诚实的行为将会导致作业/考试被判为0分并且期末考试将被扣掉30分。如果我认为你以任何方式作弊的话,将会上报给主任。

--ENGLISH ONLY: From the moment you step into my classroom, I expect you to speak ONLY ENGLISH to me and to your classmates. If you need help, try to ask using English before using Chinese. Also note that oral ability is VERY important, so doing well on written homework/tests is not enough. Make the most of every opportunity to work with a partner or a small group—classmates make great conversation partners, both in and out of class! Try to interact in class and SPEAK IN ENGLISH as much as possible!


--DICTIONARY & ELECTRONICS: I encourage you to bring a dictionary to class (electronic or paper). Cell phones, MP3 players and other electronics must not be used during class hours (this includes “short messaging”). If I see undergraduates using such devices during class, I will take them away.

--词典和电子词典:我鼓励你上课带一本词典(电子、纸制的均可)。课堂上禁止使用手机、 MP3播放器和别的电子器件(这包括“短信”)如果我见到本科生课上使用这些东西,将会将其没收。

--LIFE: Students often experience pressure from grades and many other areas. Your teachers (like me!) were students once, and we can help you keep things in perspective when you feel sad. Come talk to us!


I try to make class interesting and helpful, but language-learning is hard work! Together we can reach our goals and develop the ability to USE ENGLISH WELL!


This resource was created for our students under my understanding of "fair use" for educational resources.  

© 2012 Michael Krigline, all rights reserved. As far as I am concerned, people are allowed to print/copy it for personal or classroom use.

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