Trip to US--2004

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Our trip away from China in 2004

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Here are some photos from our 2004 trip away from China, which included a family reunion in Georgia, and visits to friends in Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, England, Scotland and Canada (including Toronto and Niagara Falls). (The trip was from February to June; Michael had not been in the US since we moved to China in 2000.)

While in South Carolina (our US home) we filled our time talking about China and helping with various events (like our daughter's wedding). We also got to help out at the Columbia International Festival. Here, one of local TV's best known personalities (Joe Pinner) gives a live weather report from the Festival.

We spoke to anyone who would listen about our adventures in China, and constantly encouraged other adults to join us in teaching China's students! Here we are speaking to a high school class in Tennessee (photo is courtesy of our friend, the teacher: Donna Lorcher). Michael also spoke to students at the University of South Carolina and Columbia International University who are interested in teaching abroad.

Here are some more photos of the Columbia International Festival. Michael was Assistant Director for this wonderful annual event for the first four years of it's existence. It showcases the contribution that people from 100 nations are making in South Carolina. Thousands of school kids get to see, taste and experience the world each year on Global Education Day. Puppets (like the panda--bottom right) and other gifts with an international flair are popular with the students. (Center) Michael and two of his international friends are all dressed up for the Governor's International Gala dinner.

Andrew spent a lot of time in swimming pools, but on this morning we watched the sun rise over Vero Beach, Florida. (Michael's mom took this and many other great shots during our travels!)

During the trip we traveled extensively to visit friends and relatives in Colorado, Arkansas, Ohio, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. (Our "USA" page will link you to many of those.) Here, Michael enjoys some musical fun with Vivian's talented cousin John, in the living room of her aunt and uncle Scott (in Tennessee).

        One of the highlights of our trip was a chance to see old friends in England and Scotland on the way back to China. (Click on the underlined words to see more photos.)


Here, Andrew poses with Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes' parlor (福尔摩斯家--221B Baker Street, London).

We made the expensive detour to Britain so that we could spend some time with Michael's sister and her family (near London). The last time we saw them was in Turkey (see photos); then they moved back to Turkey, and later moved to Washington DC. (We Kriglines move around a lot!)

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