Beth--our daughter

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Beth--our daughter

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2010. Baby Christy's first Sunday in church, with her happy parents, grandparents and uncle (in SC). Chris was working for a security company at the time; he now serves full time in the National Guard.

2010. Vivian with Beth and Christy -- "Now I'm a Grandma!"

2010. Hospital photos of Christy


2010 with Christy. (left) Vivian feeds her new granddaughter, still in the hospital. (middle) The new family. (right) After driving for 14 hours from Ohio, Michael was anxious to hold his first grandchild.


After we returned to Ohio, Beth had to drive Chris to work daily, so Christy spent lots of time in her car-safe seat.

Vivian had the chance to visit Beth and Christy in late March, 2011. Michael had business in South Carolina in May, and got to grand-baby-sit a few times while there, too.


2012. CJ with his Daddy and Mommy

(we were in China when CJ entered the family)

2012. Hospital photos of CJ

June 2012. First family photo with Beth, Chris, Christy and CJ.

CJ in Aug 2012. Look at that steady gaze! Maybe this is the first step toward becoming a good ol' South Carolina hunter!

Christy in July 2012. "I"m not ready to paint the Xiamen University tunnel yet, but give me a few years..."

We had a brief visit to South Carolina in August 2013. Here are some photos, just to make us homesick!

The "whole family" shot is at the top of our "family photos" page.


Though these early digital photos are unclear, they prove that Beth indeed visited China (once, so far), back in January 2001. This was our "graduation present" to her after she finished college.


(Left) She and Andrew stand in front of Shanghai's 400-year-old Yu Yuan Tea House. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible while Beth was in Shanghai (it was cold and wet, and she never saw the sun!).



(Right) Beth and Andrew stayed warm and dry by spending a lot of time in our apartment, often building with Lego and watching video tapes and VCDs (we didn't own a DVD player until we moved to Xi'an in 2002!).

Some students ask: "Why isn't your daughter in all the photos with your son?" For one thing, as you can see in the second photo below, there is a big age difference between Beth and Andrew. But perhaps more importantly, Beth grew up before "digital photography" and thus we don't have many digital photos of her childhood to post on line. Besides, after Beth made us grandparents, we've changed this page to show off the cute grandchildren we wish we could spend more time with!


Some key moments in Beth's life -- From left to right: Beth, Vivian and Michael at around the time of our wedding (1989); Beth's high school graduation (1995); Beth's graduation from Southeastern College (2000; pictured with Vivian and two of Beth's three sets of grandparents, the Sawyers and Alls); Beth and Andrew during Beth's "graduation present"--her only visit so far to China (2000); Beth and Andrew at Beth's (first) wedding (2004).


Two more "favorite photos" that I'll probably leave on this page for a long time:

Soon after we returned to the US in mid 2010, Beth and her new husband (Chris) got help from our relatives in South Carolina to "celebrate all the birthdays we couldn't be together while you were in China." I'm glad we didn't have to call the fire department!

Just before Vivian and Michael returned to China (Aug 2011), we spent a day at the beach with Beth and Christy. It was hard to say goodbye, not knowing when we'll see this precious child again. But we're surely grateful for the time we shared together--and for Skype!

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