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Sample Reviews

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NPU Campus-area Reviews

These reviews describe some of the places near the NPU campus (at the time of writing; I also can't guarantee that the addresses are correct!). They were written by my Junior Writing class in 2003. (Word counts are approximate!)

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Popular Southern and Northern Food—Jane


Sheng Li Restaurant is located at #133 South Lao-dong Road. It offers customers famous southern and northern food. Cold noodles, shredded pancakes in mutton and beef soup, Huluto, and Qishan noodles are tasty and well-known Shaanxi specialties. Meat and vegetables are always fresh. Sheng Li Restaurant offers the best service to its customers, and the service is suitable for the working class. In addition to bao-zi, fried cake, soybean milk, and other delicious food for breakfast, popular southern food is also provided, such as fish soup, fumed meat and chili, and sweet snacks. Due to the variety of food available and the reasonable prices, Shen Li Restaurant is a good mealtime choice, and it also provides you a good chance to learn more about Chinese food and culture. I highly recommend that you go there and give it a try.


Mellow Coffee Bar—Scarlet


Mellow Coffee Bar (located at No. 132 You-yi Road near the NPU south gate) attracts customers by its natural western drinks, cozy surroundings and romantic atmosphere. Mellow and fragrant coffee makes this bar different from others, and can impress you from the very first drink. In addition, you can have a large variety of choices of delicate and spicy foods, such as apple pie and pine nuts. Wing-like cane chairs, hung from the ceiling and covered with flowers, add more interest to this seductive place. What is more, considerate waitresses are always friendly, and they make you feel at home. The price is rather dear, but Mellow Coffee Bar is really an imaginative place in which to calm down and talk with friends. Go to that wonderland and enjoy the relaxation today.



A Good Eating Place—Gary


Chuanwei Restaurant is an extremely good eating place, serving a variety of good foods. “Chuanwei” indicates that it mainly serves foods with a Sichuan flavor, and they are enormously abundant and gorgeously delicious. Its specialties are as follows: spicy chicken, meat with mushroom, Hebao eggs and sausages. Even though it is renowned for its Sichuan foods, it does not confine itself to them only; it had also introduced foods from elsewhere to add to its diversity and offer more choices to the customers. In addition, the eating environment is pretty elegant and gives you a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. Last but not least, the waitresses all have very good manners, which makes you feel comfortable and respected so you can relish your dinner without any misgivings. If you have been enticed by my description, just go to Chuanwei Restaurant at 149 Taibai Road—a fantastic place with a lot of distinctive traits.  



Si Chuan Ren Restaurant—Bruce


Si Chuan Ren restaurant is located at 20 South Lao-dong Road. It is a typical Sichuan flavor restaurant. I like it and often go there. Most of the customers in the restaurant are university students, so the price is not expensive. The restaurant offers gaijiao food (i.e., your rice is free if you order dishes) and fast food, which is convenient for customers to take away. If you choose gaijiao food, you can choose from more than 20 dishes. A popular spicy pork dish called “nurou” is my favorite. The fast foods there are also delicious. Si Chuan Ren restaurant also serves several kinds of cakes, such as meat cake and apple cake. Si Chuan Ren restaurant is a really good restaurant because it offers many kinds of food for you to choose from and because the food is economically priced. I highly recommend it!



Qishanmian Restaurant—Jim


I have been to lots of restaurants outside our campus, but the one I like most is Qishanmian Restaurant (128 West You-yi Road). It is located very near to NPU’s south gate, so you need not cross any busy road. Inside Qishanmian Restaurant, the spacious environment is very pleasant, which makes you feel comfortable. Its special feast, Qishanmian Noodles, is the most delicious food I have eaten. The restaurant offers not only noodles, but also several other dishes, including rice, meat and fresh vegetables. Don’t worry about the price. The dishes are economically priced for college students. In addition, drinks are available, such as juice, beer and wine. Just five minutes’ walk east of NPU’s south gate, you can experience the inexpensive, comfortable environment and various delicious dishes of Qishanmian Restaurant.



Xiao Sao Zi Da Hun Dun Restaurant—Hady


Xiao Sao Zi Da Hun Dun Restaurant (located at 127-30 West You-yi Road) offers customers a variety of low-priced cooked wheaten food, such as won tons, mashi and fried steamed bread. These cooked wheaten foods are very tasty, especially the won tons. Here you can also find various home-style dishes, such as traditional bean curd and stir-fried greens. In addition, Xiao Sao Zi Da Hun Dun Restaurant also provides delicious noodles made from sweet potato starch and cooked in an earthenware pot. Furthermore, the environment at the restaurant is very good. There are several separate rooms available to give customers great privacy. Considering that Xiao Sao Zi Da Hun Dun Restaurant can supply an inexpensive variety of delicious food in such a pleasant environment, it is really an ideal place to enjoy your meals.



Yong Ming Restaurant—Becky      


Yong Ming Restaurant is a traditional Xi’an noodles eatery, which is located at 128 West You-yi Road. Noodles are the featured dish. In addition, it supplies customers with popular low-priced dishes. When you begin to eat, the waitress will give you a bowl of noodle soup, which can take the place of those expensive soft drinks. Last year, the restaurant took some new measures. It offers three sets of meals with the same low price. They can make you fully enjoy yourself. On some days, the restaurant also sets up a lottery for customers. Once I drew a winning ticket and got five yuan off the price. If you are lucky enough, you will get 100,000 yuan. The delicious noodles, the good service and the spacious environment make me feel comfortable. Yong Ming Restaurant is really a wonderful place to enjoy delicious noodles. You should go and have a try.



Yu Mi Zhi Xiang Restaurant—Evelyn


Yu Mi Zhi Xiang restaurant has an excellent environment where you can fully enjoy the delicious dishes. This restaurant has a very comfortable environment: the light is soft, the tables and chairs are unique, and the beautiful waitresses will give you the best service. In addition to the nice environment, it serves great food. The most famous dish in this restaurant is fish, which can be cooked in several different ways—and all of them are tasty! In addition, you can have fresh vegetables and other kinds of traditional Chinese dishes here. None of them will disappoint you and they will leave your mouth watering for more! Yu Mi Zhi Xiang restaurant is located at 127-25 You Yi Road. Whenever you want to have well-cooked fish at a wonderful place, it is your best choice.



A-LI-SHAN Restaurant—Kiki


A-LI-SHAN Restaurant is a food service place at 20 South Lao Dong Road, with tasty food, reasonable prices and good service. It mainly provides Taiwanese cuisine, such as Taiwanese roast meat, fried noodles and red bean porridge. Among these foods, my favorite is the popular Taiwan-meaty-rice, which is also the specialty of this restaurant. This dish is both delicious and nutritious because it is a mixture of meat, rice and eggs with a strong Taiwanese taste. Most of the dishes here cost less than ten yuan, which is very reasonable and economical for us students. Besides, the pickles are free! Waitresses here are friendly and considerate, giving customers a comfortable environment. Due to the delicious food, attractive prices and excellent service here, I strongly recommend A-LI-SHAN Restaurant to you.



Dicos Fried Chicken—Jenny


Dicos Fried Chicken is a fast food chain in Xi’an. It is located at 229 North Tai Bai Road, and it is close to NPU’s east gate. It offers its customers western-style fast food, including fried chicken, burgers, chicken sandwiches, shakes and sundaes. All of them are tasty and low-priced. As you enjoy the delicious food, you can relax by listening to some charming music. The service is most suitable for students and office workers. Dicos Fried Chicken also provides take-away food. In addition, Dicos often gives away discount food coupons for even greater savings. Due to the top quality service and the genuine taste, many loyal customers love this fast food restaurant! Dicos Fried Chicken is a good place to enjoy your meals with family and friends.



Xiao Tian Di Restaurant—Kris


Xiao Tian Di Restaurant is a small restaurant offering customers typical Chinese food. I often go there with my friends due to the reasonable price and delicious food. As soon as you sit at the table, a cup of hot tea is prepared for you. While drinking you feel quite comfortable. Eggplant, scrambled egg, pot roast, potato, etc, are served fast and taste great. Popular low-priced dishes are suitable for both workers and students, and rice is free no matter how much you eat. The waitress offers a warm smile and hospitality from the moment you enter the restaurant to the end of your dinner. Thus, the whole atmosphere of having dinner there makes you feel at home. For its price, tasty food and considerate service, Xiao Tian Di Restaurant is really a good place to enjoy your meals. I strongly suggest you go there to have your dinner. (The restaurant is located in the center of Bai Miao Village. Go across the street near the NPU South gate, then you arrive at Bai Miao Road. Turn left on the second turning of Bai Miao Road and walk about 50m; you will find the restaurant on your right.)



JieJie Pancake Restaurant—Ashley


JieJie Pancake Restaurant is a comfortable and economical place where you can taste all kinds of delicious dishes, including the unique ShaanXi pancake. After a waitress takes your order, the dishes will be served in five minutes. The pancake is the main attraction of the restaurant, for the pancake is soft, white and thin. You just need to spend two yuan on every ten pancakes. Jing-Jiang meat is especially popular because it tastes great when rolled in the pancakes. The porridge is also nice. There is corn porridge, mung bean porridge and maize porridge. You can put sugar in the porridge to your taste. The environment is good. Beautiful pictures are hung on the white walls and soft music swirls in the room. JieJie Pancake Restaurant (127-26 West You-yi Road) welcomes you from 10:00 A.M. to 21:00 P.M. You can invite your friends and have a good meal at JieJie Pancake Restaurant.



Xin Duo Ji Restaurant—Angela


Xin Duo Ji Restaurant is located at 17-77 Lao Dong Road. It is a wonderful place to enjoy delicious Chinese meals in a beautifully decorated atmosphere. It provides you with many kinds of Chinese dishes, all of which are specially designed and cooked. The crisp chicken looks golden in color, and it is quite inviting. Xin Duo Ji Da Xiao Fu is both tasty and nutritious. It includes several ingredients, like corn, chestnuts, shelled almonds, bamboo shoots, and shrimp. Tangba fish is a splendid treat with lots of ingredients, such as white gourd, carrots, dates, kelp, cabbage, and bamboo shoots. A dish called harvest is suitable for vegetarians. There are only fresh vegetables in it, and it is good for your health. Xin Duo Ji Restaurant offers you delicious dishes, as well as a comfortable environment. The waiters and waitresses are also very helpful. Though Xin Duo Ji is a little pricey, it is an enjoyable place to have meals with your family and friends.





An Attractive Gift Shop—Belinda


“Love Season” is a warm and fragrant gift shop. It is located at 48 Tai-bai Road. As its name indicates, the shop is designed for people who want to show their love. Although it is small, several fashionable gifts are available here, such as exquisite ornaments, colorful accessories, lovely dolls, fashionable hats, and beautiful flowers. All the shop assistants are friendly and helpful, so you can always enjoy good service. Sweet smiles and a gracious greeting show their warm welcome to you. When you consult them, they always give you useful information. In addition, the shop offers you a romantic atmosphere for shopping. Sweet sounding light music and a well-decorated shop make you feel comfortable as you make your choices. Various fashionable gifts, good service and a romantic shopping atmosphere make “Love Season” a really attractive gift shop that is worth visiting.



Paradise CD Shop—Sunny


Paradise CD shop is a fantastic and excellent place for music fans. It offers CDs in every form of music: pop, rock and roll, symphony, ballads, etc. You can find almost all the famous singers’ CDs from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and foreign countries. As a rock music fan, I like this shop very much. It has a special counter for rock music. I can easily find my favorite bands and singers. I can also read some books, which introduce rock music. If you buy more than ten CDs from this shop, you will be a VIP there, and then you will be given a discount of 10% for every CD. The boss there is also a music fan himself, so his suggestions often help me find the perfect CD for myself or for a gift. Paradise CD shop is located at 353 West You Yi Road. Take the time to go there and expand your music world.



Zhongji Glasses Shop—Kobe


Zhongji glasses shop (127-3 West You-Yi Road) is really a wonderful place to buy glasses. First, it sells a variety of glasses, such as sunglasses, long-distance glasses, and contact-lenses. It can meet most people’s needs. Second, it provides very careful and professional services, which is very helpful to customers, especially if you have poor sight and want to buy a pair of long-distance glasses. There is some professional equipment, so it is easy to get enough information about your eyes; then the assistant will give you reasonable advice according to the examination results. Finally, all their products have a lifetime guarantee. If you find some problems with your glasses later, bring them back; the shop will fix them for free. As a shop that provides a variety of glasses, professional services and a great guarantee, Zhongji glasses shop is your best choice for buying eyewear.



Xing Fu Drugstore—Patty


Many NPU students go to Xing Fu drugstore when they fall ill. The owner hopes that people can be free from diseases and lead a happy life, so he named it Xing Fu, which means happiness in Chinese. Xing Fu Drugstore is next to the southern gate of the campus (129 West You-yi Road), so it is convenient for students to buy medicines or get some advice from the helpful doctors. There are hundreds of medicines in the drugstore, though it is very small. Doctors there are friendly, patient and helpful. Tell them your symptoms, and they will diagnose what kind of illness it is, and sell you some effective medicines. Furthermore, the medicines are clearly and economically priced. For its close proximity to the campus, good service from the doctors, and low prices of the medicines, it is a good choice to go to Xing Fu Drugstore if you do not feel well.



Students’ Supermarket—Carole


The NPU Students’ Supermarket (at the east end of Qiu Shi Road) is the biggest store on our campus for food and general merchandise. Everything we must use in our daily lives can be found there. The most important thing is that the prices there are cheaper than at other shops on our campus. Food items are sold on the first floor, like chocolate, milk, biscuits and ham. I like chocolate very much, so I always go there to buy Dove chocolate. Because there are many shoppers everyday, the food there is very fresh. Some useful everyday things are sold on the second floor, like notebooks, pens, towels and soaps. I often go there to buy some music CDs and interesting books. The Students’ Supermarket is really a very good place to buy things that we must use everyday.



Fei Yi Net Bar—John


Fei Yi Net Bar (127-38 West You-yi Road, Xi’an) is a good entertainment place for surfing the Internet and playing games. It offers customers four different services: regular service, VIP service, morning service and overnight service. Regular service is the most common one. It costs you two yuan per hour. VIP service is better and cheaper in the long run than regular service. Every fifty hours you just need to pay thirty-five yuan. The morning service is from 8 A.M. to 12 P.M., which just costs you four yuan altogether. Compared to the former three choices, overnight service is the cheapest one. Ten hours just costs you six or eight yuan. In addition, Fei Yi Net Bar also provides customers with water and a comfortable room temperature so that you can really enjoy yourself. Fei Yi Net Bar is really a good place to surf the Internet or play games.



Fei Yi Cyber Café—Jordan


Fei Yi Cyber Cafe (127B West You Yi Road) is not a good net bar in terms of price and atmosphere. Its computers on the first and second floor do not have the same quality standard. On the first floor most of the computers have an Intel Pentium Four installed inside, while on the second floor Fei Yi provides some used computers which always work slowly and go dead occasionally. It makes users frustrated when playing games or surfing the Internet. Nonetheless the boss asks for the same price on both floors! In addition, there is always a strange mixture of smoke and other bad smells in the air because there is not enough air ventilation. Fresh air is always a luxury in Fei Yi. It is hard for people to enjoy themselves at Fei Yi Cyber Cafe because of its inadequate equipment and its bad environment. If you want to relax in a net bar, I recommend that you find someplace better than Fei Yi.



Tian Chi Net Bar—Jimmy


Tian Chi Net Bar (88 Lao Dong Road) is one of the biggest net bars in Xi’an. It has more than 200 high-speed computers, and has professional Internet connecting services, so you can enjoy a very high speed when surfing the Internet. It also provides many convenient services. Every computer has a USB-disk jack that makes downloading easily. If you have some trouble in operating a computer, Tian Chi has a professional staff to solve your problem. At lunchtime and suppertime, Tian Chi provides free drinks. If you like, you can order some Chinese foods from the counter and eat them in front of the screen. If you want to kill time, Tian Chi also provides hundreds of movies and the latest games for you. Due to the high-speed Internet access and convenient services, Tian Chi is a really good net bar.


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This resource was created for our students under my understanding of "fair use" for educational resources.  

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This resource was created for our students under my understanding of "fair use" for educational resources.  

© 2007 Michael Krigline, all rights reserved. As far as I am concerned, people are allowed to print/copy it for personal or classroom use.

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