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I've stopped updating this website, though it's pages will remain for a while. See "current update" for details.

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How to find our apartment, and what to expect when you arrive

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We moved from the place shown below in the Shang-li area.

Thus, the address is wrong, but everything else is still correct.


Sorry I've not had time to fix this page!

(Xiamen is shown in this 1986 photo!).


Click this map to make it bigger (and to see a back road to the Haiyun dorm).


Visual guide to our home:

Coming from the train station over the mountain, this is the Wen Zeng Hua-yuan bus stop. Turn left into the alley.

Coming from the beach, the Wen Zeng Hua-yuan bus stop is on the right; walk or drive to the next intersection and turn right into the alley (look for this medicine shop).

Don't walk up this street (with a fresh market on the right); you want the alley on the other side of Long-hu Shan street.

This is the right alley! Look for the medicine shop on the right (the name is clearer in the photo above).

You are almost there. Turn left, and then turn right to enter the apartments.

This is us; notice the "Long-hu nan li" sign on the gate! Then enter and head to the first set of steps. Press "201" on the electronic panel and we can unlock the door. If you get lost, just call!

What to expect when you visit our home

(Nine helpful guidelines for visitors)


Some of our first-time visitors are nervous about visiting an American’s home. Don’t be! We are a very casual family, and we love to have guests. But, if it makes you more comfortable to know what to expect or how to act, here are our “nine guidelines” for visitors.


1. Please don't bring a gift unless you want to bring a small snack to put on the table for guests to eat (and this is not necessary either).

2. It is normally OK to bring a friend, but it is best to ask us by phone/message in advance if possible (you would be embarrassed to find no seats, if others "signed up" for all available places!). If something happens at the last minute so you can't come as expected, don't worry about it. We understand!

3. Because of Chinese laws, guests must be over 18 years old, unless they are accompanied by a parent or teacher.

4. When you arrive, come in quickly and close the door (to keep bugs or hot/cold air out). We have a few pairs of slippers, but for big groups you can just wear your shoes.

5. Feel free to look all around the apartment and ask questions about our decorations (many have a special story, and we love to explain!). Likewise, we LOVE to answer your questions about games, movies, holiday customs, etc. Don't be afraid to ask!

6. If there is food on the table, help yourself! No one will "ask you three times" to eat or drink (like your mom would ask us, if we visited your home!). We expect that you will take what you like and leave everything else. Water and one-time-use cups are always available if you ask.

7. On movie nights, we almost always show films in English with English subtitles. Normally, an on-line study guide is posted at We highly recommend that you look at this before the show so you can understand the English better.

8. We may make some comments about the film before we start or during the film (these are often things on the study guide). We often take a break in the middle of the film (for refreshments and questions). After the film, we normally have a few discussion questions. Try to participate!

9. After the film or activity, you are welcome to stay and talk. Leave whenever you are ready, but don't leave alone. If the movie ends late, we don't want our female guests to walk away alone (if there is no one else, I may escort you to the bus stop).


There. Now you know what to expect! We are looking forward to a wonderful time together!

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